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Through its collection of romantic women’s wear and accessories, A,DREY indulges every woman’s desire to look youthful, girly and cute.  A,DREY is one of ZIMURA best-selling brands.

Our Vision is to be an online fashion that supplies with style. The products that caters to your occasion and mood. We welcome enquiries about fashion industries. We specialize in FABULOUS fashion that blends in well with your taste. With years of experience in retail and background, we are able to bring in new sophisticated apparel, in new age of online fashion
We strive to bring you, accessories, shoes, and more that embodies exceptional value and style along with great quality, affordability, and good customer service.
zimura is always open to any queries with regards to fashion and style. Your feedback is important for us to serve you better, please write to us any question feedback or comments, and do let us know if there is any products that you would like to see in our web site.





Our customers can rest assured that their shopping experience will be safe, secure, and hassle-free as well as be thoroughly confident in our Fast Flat Rate Delivery that takes no more than 3-5 days Local (Singapore) and our Free Exchange which means there is no risk in shopping with us.

customer service,  email: [email protected]